How It Works

Here are some of our most asked questions.

What type of marketing assistance do you offer?

Featured jobs are shared on social media through our Facebook page. Our page has a feature that allows candidates to receive alerts based on job criteria so when a job is posted that matches their interest, they receive an automatic email encouraging them to apply. Our partnership with Allegany Media also allows employers access to a local studio to record a video about the job and have it appear in the listing. No better way to encourage the right candidate to apply than a personal approach in the recruiting process.

Why is there a fee?

We wanted our cost to be low enough that small businesses can afford to list open positions, we are priced lower than any paid service. The benefits of posting on the site is that we integrate with indeed and zip recruiter. We also are integrated directly with Google which allows your posts to appear directly in the search engine. We have spent the time making your life easy, posting once to land on many sites.

How do I manage my job listings?

Once you are registered and have made a listing, a dashboard link will appear under the employer tab. In the dashboard, you will be able to mark a position filled, delete a position and edit any information. If you need something specific, send us an email using the form on the main page and we can help you out.